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About Teardrop Campers

Have you ever wanted just to leave the city and go? Then you were put off when you thought about all the work you will have to do to enjoy the great outdoors. If this is you then a Teardrop Camper is the solution for you 

Imagine deciding to go on an excursion and being able to be on your way in a few hours, just get some supplies, attach your teardrop camper to any small car and you are on your way. You won't need sleep on the ground or set up a camping site. The camper comes with a large bed, The fly screen and will keep the insects away, You camper will have all the comforts of modern life including a TV, a fridge, a sink, reading lights and you will still have room left for Gazebos and a few folding chairs.

We supply fully customizable teardrop campers all Australian made, parts manufactured in-house. We will even update you on how your order is progressing with photos, and all campers have full consumer protection, how can you go wrong?


Sydney Dealer

Frank Scenna

3/20 Walker St, South Windsor, NSW (2756)

Phone: 0414 572 411

Email: sales@theteardropcampercompany.com.au

Canberra Dealer

Mike Dwyer

Phone: 0412 801 408

Email: capitalteardropcampers@gmail.com

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